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It's a Larva-Eat-Larva World

SNARC August 2014 Fish Tales

“It’s a Larva-Eat-Larva World”

But research conducted at the HKDSNARC may reduce the risk of cannibalism

Adding the right amount of clay (Kaolin) or algae to the water to create turbidity (cloudiness) improves fry survival and growth, because hybrid striped bass fry are cannibalistic. The turbid water prevents the fish from seeing each other and also makes their live feed (zooplankton) standout. By adding algae paste at 350 – 583 algae cells/mL to tank water results in the optimum survival. The use of kaolin clay worked about as well as the algae paste at less than one-fortieth the cost. By looking at various ratios of fry length and how uniform the ratios are among fry within the tank, some conclusions could be made about the cannibalistic interactions that are occurring among fry in the tank. Therefore these ratios could be used to predict and reduce future losses that could be expected during grow-out of the fry, or to determine the frequency of grading (removal the largest fry from the tank) that is necessary to reduce cannibalism. Increasing turbidity appears to allow the fry grow more uniformly in length and size along with improving survival.

For more information, contact Benjamin.Beck@ars.usda.gov


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